Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Breaking Point. I have reached a breaking point and I no longer want to do this anymore. I need to break free.

That’s what I wrote in the Notes section of my iPhone about 12 weeks ago when I was so unhappy at my job and felt like I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was completely burnt out.

I woke up that morning and wrote that down.

I had another job lined up and was about to give notice to my work, when I suddenly saw an unexpected meeting pop up on my calendar with a Manager.

Those are never good, but I figured I would use that time to give my notice.

Well, as fate would have it the company was laying off about a third of its workforce and I was part of that layoff.

When they told me the news I felt like it was one of those movies when everything turns into slow motion and their mouths move but the main actor doesn’t hear what they’re saying since they are so lost in their thoughts.

I was free. That was the thought that kept running through my head.

I felt electricity going through me like there was a spark of energy rushing through the top of my head into my body, and G-d was giving me a cushion to fall back on as I broke free from this old life and started creating my new life.

I knew I should act sad while they were giving me the news, so I did my best to go through the motions and express disappointment, but they were sending me off with a severance package that would help me figure this all out.

All I felt like doing was jumping up and screaming, YES!!!

I made the decision in my heart to break free from it all and not even take the other job.

There’s something that happens when you realize your life is about to change in a good and unexpected way.

I felt as if I had gone through a portal and was released out on the other side. A new reality had emerged before me.

It was as if I had left the passenger seat and finally entered the driver’s seat of my life.

Have you been feeling this way too in your life?

I would love to hear from you. Reply here and let me know where you’re at in your life, and if you’re interested I may feature you in my new upcoming magazine newsletter interview so you can inspire others with your story.



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