Hi. I am Caroline Bass.

As a wife and busy mom of 3 kids, I am on a mission to teach women how to use the power of herbs to create calm and balance moods.

About Queen Tulsi

That 3pm hour is what pushed me to create Queen Tulsi. Every day at 3pm when the kids came home from school and my workday was ending, I would feel that stress and anxiety rising. Homework, after-school activities, dinner to be made, bathtime, bedtime. I would feel so lethargic, have brain fog, overwhelmed, anxious. I began mixing my own herbs to help relieve the increased levels of stress and anxiety I was experiencing in life. I began feeling better, like I could take a deep breath and focus with a clear mind on the second half of my day.

I shared all the different herbs I was using with my friends, but no one wanted to purchase each herb separately and figure out the dosage - it was too costly and confusing. So I met with a team of Dietary Experts in the US who specialize in adaptogens. I told them about the mixture I had created that was really helping me feel calmer but needed their expertise to create something better. I didn’t want to slap a label on a generic brand on the market (which I soon learned most companies do). I wanted to craft something where I could verify where each herb was sourced from ensuring it was the highest quality, and create a formula unlike anything on the market.

It was a lot of work, but my team came up with an even more effective and soothing blend. This blend helps with emotional & mental stress, brain fog, hormonal moodiness, and inflammation in the body, creating clear skin and healing from the inside out. After much trial and error with many months of tweaking the dosages, we came up with the final formulation. I am so proud and happy to share it with you all: Queen Tulsi.

Tulsi is a feminine plant essence that has restorative and spiritual properties. Tulsi is revered as the “Queen of Herbs,” the “Mother Medicine of Nature” and the “Elixir of Life” because of its medicinal and beautiful spiritual properties.

Most stress relief formulas on the market only rely on Ashwagandha, the male plant essence. It is an important adaptogenic herb, but when you combine Tulsi with Ashwagandha you create an even more powerful synergistic effect for stress relief.

My dream is that women everywhere will use Queen Tulsi to create their calm and balance daily stress levels.

In our hectic and chaotic lives, it is possible to create your calm. xoxo, Caroline

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