How to connect with your Spirit Guides

How to connect with your Spirit Guides

It all started with a psychic medium I went to about 5 years ago. My mom had a neighbor who was visiting from Australia, this guy who looked like an Australian surfer dude with tanned skin and curly blond hair, broad build, woven beaded bracelets on his wrists. I would never have guessed that he was a medium but he said he was given the gift and could communicate with souls.

I decided to go visit him because I wanted to try to connect with my best friend who had passed, Karen.

What I didn’t expect was for him to do a full reading on me based on the messages he was receiving from my spirit guides. I didn’t even think I believed in spirit guides until I met him.

At the time I was in the process of switching jobs, returning to a company I had worked with for 15 years after taking a 2-year detour to a different company. 

He said the spirit guides were telling me not to make that decision. They said I needed to go on a different path, my own path. 

I don’t even know why he brought that up since I didn’t talk to him about my job or career or anything, since honestly, I was there just to connect with Karen.

But he looked me in the eyes and said, “They are telling me, ‘No,’ don’t go back to that job. Go follow the path you are working on building.” 

This was before Queen Tulsi, before my Instagram, I had 3 young kids at home, but I had been thinking of creating my own sort of health and wellness business and was working as a Wellness/Accountability Coach with different women in my Facebook groups.

Is that what the guides were referring to?? I had no idea.

“What about our finances? What about all our expenses?” I asked him. He said they are telling me not to worry, that it will all work out. 

Our session ended and I didn’t listen to his advice (he said he was just the messenger - this message came from my spirit guides directly). I took the other job because it just seemed like the rational and reasonable thing to do. 

But I never forgot about that session and thought about it nearly daily over the past several years. 

Fast forward to about a month ago when I got laid off and then made the decision to not take the new job I had been given. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say I could feel and almost hear my spirit guides around me jumping for joy. It was as if there was this energy all around me that was lifted and this vision opened up in front of my eyes of this new road I was about to embark on.

I felt so secure in this decision that I knew it was right. There was no doubt in my mind. I felt calm in my soul, my stomach didn’t have that nervous feeling I get when I don’t listen to my gut, and I felt like my guides had been waiting for this day to come.

They say that if you want to be guided by your spirit guides or G-d or the angels, you must ask for guidance.

You must ask for what you specifically want and need, because you won’t receive the help until you ask.

I now make a conscious effort to ask for what I need help with and pay attention to the signs around me showing me that they are guiding me. The more I do this, the stronger the signs get.

If you’ve been feeling lost, try this too. Sit and close your eyes and ask for specific guidance in an area. Ask for a specific sign so you know what to look for, and you know you’re being guided.

May we all be blessed with miracles and spiritual guidance in our lives. Amen.



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