How to turn your dream into reality

How to turn your dream into reality

There’s a secret to manifesting that isn’t so sexy, that no one really likes to focus on or talk about much.

We all hear about the “art of manifesting” which is the fun part:

writing down our dreams, visualization, creating beautiful vision boards, journaling, affirmation notes posted around our house, social media telling us it’s so easy:

“Meditate on it! Envision it! You can have the life you’ve always wanted!”

All that is fun, creative, exciting. And it’s important too, don’t get me wrong. We need the art of manifesting because it’s the force that keeps us motivated and going.

But there’s a science behind manifesting that involves math, and that’s the part that no one really goes into or really wants to do. 

It’s the daily reps.  It’s the Law of Action:

When you want to build a new body you have to start with your daily reps. You do that consistently at the gym, little by little to get to your goals. The same goes for building anything in life.

It’s not as fun, it’s actually kind of scary, maybe a little boring, and it takes you out of your comfort zone so you resist it.

We all want to live in comfort - but we also want bigger and better lives - and the bridge to cross into that new portal we are envisioning is the bridge of discomfort.

When I left the workforce I felt exhilarated! So excited about this new world I was entering into with all these possibilities of what I could do, where I could go with the dreams I had held in my mind for so long.

And then the hard part kicked in.

The mundane steps.

How to set up newsletters (like literally I had no idea how to even create a mailing list and start sending these out), how to figure out how to create a podcast, what microphone to get, how to start recording, where would I record it…

In other words, all the daily nitty-gritty steps I needed to work on to start creating my own business.

In this stage, doubt starts creeping in: “Will this really work? What am I doing, where am I going? I have no idea what I’m doing, I hope this works…”

So you go back to meditation, to closing your eyes, envisioning your dream, and asking G-d and your Spirit Guides to guide you.

It’s all intertwined.

The art & the science of manifestation.

As I’m figuring it out for myself, I’m taking you along on this honest journey because so many of you have told me that you are in similar stages of midlife, trying to figure it out and starting from scratch and not really knowing which direction to turn.

It’s nice to know you’re not alone. Let’s figure it out together.



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