the surrender experiment

The Surrender Experiment

It’s funny how life works and everything is connected when you take a step back and look at it differently.

The day I made the decision to not go back into the workforce, I went for a walk in my favorite park to get some fresh air and clear my mind. I was searching my phone for a podcast to listen to but nothing seemed right.

For some reason I opened my audible app to see if there were any old books on there for me to listen to, even though I hadn’t bought an audible in several years. I noticed a book in my library called, The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer.

I don’t remember buying it, I didn’t recognize the author’s name or know anything about the book, but I decided I would listen to the first 5 minutes to see if it was worthwhile.

Is it too dramatic to say this book changed my life?

Well, it was that big for me. It changed how I view life, how I approach obstacles and navigate through the world, and that for me was life-changing in a real way.

The main lesson I got from this book was that in order to trust the process of life and the way it’s unfolding, you have to let go and not resist the changes and obstacles that come your way.

So much of our stress comes from seeing that roadblock in front of us and then trying to push it away, pick it up, smash it, and then feel worn down and frustrated when we can’t overcome that obstacle. We give up defeated.

Instead, the book teaches that these roadblocks simply mean: turn left! or, turn right! You keep going, but you might need to do something differently to get to the outcome, and along the way on this new path you’re taking, new things will unfold and open up for you in ways that you never imagined possible.

This gave me a whole new perspective on life, as if I could step back from where I was and see the big picture of my life and not get overwhelmed if things weren’t going according to my plan.

I’ll give you an example: I’m trying to launch Queen Tulsi on Amazon and register it under Caroline Bass Health as a trademarked brand (which it is), and I keep getting rejected with no explanation, even though I have all the trademarked paperwork! No details, no customer service, no one to reach out to to explain why this is happening.

Rather than feel defeated, I keep moving forward with my business, focusing more on updating my Caroline Bass Health website (check out my new videos!), and hiring people to help navigate the dark underworld of Amazon customer service (kinda kidding but not, it’s a lot of AI responses and no real people helping…)

Anyway, if you like audible books and are feeling stuck or frustrated with your life, I recommend listening to The Surrender Experiment. Would love to know what you think!



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